Sara Steiner: Making an impact with a charitable gift annuity

Sara SteinerThe environmental movement has held Sara Steiner's interest since the publication of Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring." Not only was it a dire warning of the effects our actions can have on the planet, it was also an inspiration for how one person can illuminate an issue and inspire others to create positive change.

Sara recalls the first fight that EDF lead to ban DDT and she personally witnessed the results. "I would see more brown pelicans flying over San Francisco Bay each subsequent year after the ban. What had become a rare sighting is now wondrously common place."

Think globally, act locally is a practical mantra Sara exemplifies.

"I am a supporter of EDF to carry on the global fight against climate change while locally and as a trustee of the San Benito Agricultural Land Trust (SBALT), my efforts are to protect our rural environment with conservation easements," she says.

After 30 years of EDF membership, Sara decided it was time for a new measure of support.

"A charitable gift annuity gives EDF my support for years to come while providing a reliable economic return for me," she says.

"There are currently many threats to our environment, the sustainability of the world as we know it is at risk," she shares. "With every day that passes under our current political administration my desire to compensate—for an ineffective EPA, approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, gag orders on references to climate change and refusal to support the UNFCCC Paris agreement on climate change—has lead me to take a bigger step than a traditional donation."

"Over my lifetime I have consistently heard EDF referenced as the source or leader of changes in policies and laws protecting our water, air and wildlife. I am proud of the work that EDF has done to protect our environment and health. With each subsequent news article noting EDF, I know that my support is in the right place."

Like Sara, you can leave your mark on the environment by making a gift to EDF. Contact Cynthia Eubank DiLeo at 877-677-7397 or to get started.