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We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to Environmental Defense Fund. Here are their stories.

Passion for natural world inspires 3 new society members

In Judaism, there’s a tenant known as Tikkun Olam, which roughly translates to ‘repair the world.’ We repair and not fix, and in doing so we acknowledge that there will always be something else that will need our time and attention.

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Sara Steiner: Making an impact with a charitable gift annuity

The environmental movement has held Sara Steiner's interest since the publication of Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring." Not only was it a dire warning of the effects our actions can have on the planet, it was also an inspiration for how one person can illuminate an issue and inspire others to create positive change.

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Nancy Carol Ramsey: Protecting the environment

For Nancy Carol Ramsey, EDF was the answer as she sees EDF “doing the most in the most different ways.”

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Laura and Frank: Advancing solutions

Growing up, Laura believed she would see certain birds only in photographs. Crediting EDF's work she reports, "In the last 20 years, I've been seeing species like bald eagles with increasing regularity."

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James Benkard: A tenacious advocate

“Jimmy’s idea was that we could use the law as a tool to get dangerous things out of the environment and move the ball forward,” says Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Board member and childhood friend Governor Thomas Kean of New Jersey. “That’s what excited him.”

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Partnership power: Leslie and Bob Cutler

“EDF partners with really valuable players, and that really makes a difference,” says Leslie Cutler, an avid gardener who lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband, Bob.

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Stephanie Barko: Online, and ready to make a difference

Every morning, Stephanie Barko grabs a cup of fair trade coffee and heads into her home office where she logs onto her computer and gets down to business: reading emails, responding to clients, and checking out what book bloggers are discussing.

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Osprey Legacy Society members reflect on the state of the world today

Earlier this spring, members of the Osprey Legacy Society gathered online to share their reflections on the pandemic. Many were keen to observe that this persistence of life is inherent in nature to rebound from difficult times.

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