Meet our donors

Stephanie Barko

Stephanie Barko: Online, and ready to make a difference

“I contacted EDF and said I know a lot of young women with kids who blog about their lives,” she says. “They have a voice and they are not afraid to use it. They care about what kind of air their children breathe.” Read more

James Benkard

James Benkard: A tenacious advocate

“Jimmy’s idea was that we could use the law as a tool to get dangerous things out of the environment and move the ball forward,” says Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Board member and childhood friend Governor Thomas Kean of New Jersey. “That’s what excited him.” Read more

Bob and Leslie Cutler

Partnership power: Leslie and Bob Cutler

“EDF partners with really valuable players, and that really makes a difference,” says Leslie Cutler, an avid gardener who lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband, Bob. Read more