Is Giving One of Your Resolutions This Year?

5 Affirmations to Help You Reach Your Goal

The start of a new year often brings a list of goals people wish to accomplish in the coming months. This can include aspirations to be more charitable, volunteer more or even learn a new skill.

If you’ve resolved to be more generous this year, following are five affirmations to help you reach your goal.

  1. I will reflect on key experiences and influences in my life when deciding where to give. Supporting the places and organizations that have impacted you ensures they will be there for others in the future.
  2. I will study the best methods for making donations. There are ways you can give, even if you can’t part with assets today, such as a gift in your estate plan. Explore your giving options to make sure you choose the right one for you.
  3. I will make charitable giving a part of my estate plan. This is a simple and heartfelt way to ensure your support continues for generations to come.
  4. I will encourage others to give. You can inspire others to give simply by doing it yourself. It sets an example for children and encourages others to join.
  5. I will consider my financial responsibility to my family as I design my charitable giving. Supporting Environmental Defense Fund shouldn’t come at the cost of your loved one’s security. Look for ways to give that consider their needs as well.

Want to Include EDF in Your Giving This Year?

If supporting EDF is part of your giving plan this year, we can help you find the right gift for you. Contact Cynthia Eubank DiLeo at or 877-677-7397 to get started.